Wanting what you wouldn’t have even if you could, remembering it’s not you, it’s them and cutting the cord..

I’m back… You guys know the deal! Get a drink, pull up a chair and prepare your good selfs for my bad spelling, even worse grammar and ramblings!!

So…… A good few weeks have passed since my last blog but in that time I have had and witnessed a couple of life lessons. Sounds corny I know, but I’ve honestly sat up and learnt more about myself and me friends in the last couple of weeks than I have in a very long time.

This year I went to Burghley to support a very good and certainly the longest standing friend I have. Now this was a big deal for me, you see I haven’t attended Burghley or Badminton since I last rode there. Pure and simply because I have no interest in watching other people riding, I don’t even ‘love’ eventing so I have never felt any desire to go. However, I have felt very guilty at not going along to cheer my friend on more often. So this year I decided I’d stop being spoilt and I would go… And you know what, I really enjoyed it! I loved just being around for my friend, did I help in anyway? Of course not! But I was there, I loved watching him ride and felt hugely proud of just what my friend has achieved, he was always the far better and the more dedicated rider out of the two of us, he always deserved chances, nice horses and good owners. I’m delighted for him that he now has them. Whilst I was walking part of the course on Friday evening I bumped in to someone I’d not seen in a while and the first thing he asked me was if I missed eventing at top level. I without missing a beat firmly and honestly answered with the words ‘not at all’

Truth is this, when I drove though the Burghley gates on the Friday I really thought I’d be bitter and chippy about watching people doing something I used to do. But not at all, I loved it all, walking the course, watching him cantering over the finish line. All of it, not once did I feel a bit of envy. Would I like to have a ride at Burghley again? Of course.. But it would have to be on the right horse because I love riding proper horses. I don’t love eventing. And I’ve ridden proper horses round Burghley and Badminton… No feeling can replace the one I had at my first Burghley with The Busker – I didn’t walk a single long route on the XC, that’s how much confidence I had in him. He was all heart, class and if you looked the word genuine up in a dictionary The Buskers name would be under it. Same goes for the feeling of power, scope and speed Little Tiger gave me, I honestly think she would have galloped until her heart burst and she would have jumped a house. I can never understand how people who have ridden horses like my two can then go and ride lesser horses. That probably sounds very spoilt but for me it would be like driving a Bentley, crashing it and then getting a Skoda just so you could keep driving. I don’t like driving that much either. I think and hope I am eventing my next 4* horse. If he isn’t good enough I actually don’t care, he’s a nice horse and I like riding him. He is more Bentley less Skoda. Fact.

On to my next life lesson…

Wanting what you actually wouldn’t have even if you could have it……

We have all been there, right? The man, the horse, the friend that we have lost one way or another. Well, I am probably the worlds best person at dealing with this situation, when it’s done it’s done. I cut the cord and am outta there. Trust me, you can never go back.. You can never truly get it back to what it was. Once the trust or confidence is broken, its gone and its impossible to truly get it back. In the past I’ve had people say to me ‘you can get it back if you work hard at it’  But why should I have to? Life is hard enough without having to work hard to get something back that should never have been lost in the first place. If I’m wrong, I have no problem at all about apologising.. But if I am unfairly wronged, then please shut the door as you leave. It’s as simple as that.

I see it like this, if a horse goes badly for you, gives you a bad fall or knocks your confidence get rid. Same with people.. If that bloke doesn’t message you back or messes you around or if that friend treats you badly, get them gone.

Because it is them not you, not all jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together. You wouldnt spend hours, days, weeks maybe even months or years trying to fit the wrong jigsaw puzzle pieces together, would you? Nor would you then break pieces off the jigsaw puzzle pieces to try and make them fit together. What you would do is this – once you realised the jigsaw puzzle piece you were trying to fit to yours wasn’t the right match you would put it back, get a new piece and see it that one fitted better.

Remember this….

If you wouldn’t have it stop wanting it, don’t break pieces off yourself to fit with someone else and don’t expect someone else to break pieces off themselves to fit you. Cut the cord and enjoy finding that jigsaw puzzle piece that fits yours perfectly.

Over and out…

P xx


It’s all about learning to say nothing at all or something nice…

So I’m back…..

This whole ‘last ever blog’ thing isn’t going so well for me is it?!?!? But you guys seem to still be enjoying them so maybe I will keep writing them. For now anyways! You lot would not believe the amount of times I have read and re read this blog (and changed it!) and I’m still not totally happy with it, but hey ho. That’s life! Make no mistake this is not a great blog even by my standards! But please excuse the grammar and spelling mistakes. I really am very dyslexic so struggle like mad with this type of writing.

So guys, pull up a chair and prepare your good selfs for my usual ramblings…….

Recently I have been reminded just how hard it seems to be for some people to say the easiest things to say.. Like the word ‘no’

No, is one of the first words we learn to say as children, but as adults it is often the hardest word to say to someone. Odd isn’t it? Also saying nothing at all, why is it so hard to be quiet? And it’s usually when what you have to say shouldn’t be said at all!

Same with saying something nice, as children it is one of the first things our parents teach us. Be nice to other children.

I would be guilty of not saying no often enough, just as I would be guilty of not being quiet enough of the time! But and it’s a big but, me not saying no and also talking to much is always for the right reasons, it’s to be nice and helpful. However, I am learning, learning that if someone won’t appreciate the effort I put in I will say no, I was seriously burnt 2 summers again when I put in weeks and weeks of my time and effort in to someone who did not appreciate it one jot. They went home and all I got was grief over something they did whilst staying with me but without me, my blessing and away from the horses. It hurt me more than anyone would ever know. But life is about learning and that situation was a life lesson.

What I have also learnt is that not everyone wants or cares for your help, input or words.  Think long and hard about if you putting your pennies worth in is actually pennies that are wanted.

My parents taught me from a early age to only worry about the opinions of people that matter. To only worry about the opinions of people that bring more good in to your life and want you to succeed, if those people are critical of you and what you are doing then you listen. Mum always said if someone is more negative than they are positive about you and what you are doing with your life remove them. Life is hard enough as it is.

This brings me on to social media and how it seems to allow people to feel they have a god given right to criticise people that they usually don’t even know! I say to people that are struggling with negativity they are receiving on Facebook that unless the people doing the critising are paying the entry fees etc just ignore and move on. I always say this is MY social media page and I post what I like, if people don’t like it they know where the unfriend button is.

Publicly pulling strips off people is not cool. Not even god does it. End of.

So remember what I always say. Life is about balance. And you must keep the balance of your life tipping up.

Ask yourself does that person criticising you bring as much, if not more positivity to your life as as they do bring negativity? If not, why are they in your life? Has the person criticising what you are trying to achieve, achieved at the very least as much or ideally more than you have? If not why are you allowing their lesser educated opinions effect you?  Never feel bad about cutting these people out of your life, if the friendship doesn’t serve you why should you serve it?

And finally, remember you learn more about people when you remove them from your life than when they were part of it. That is the time that people show their true colours. And leopards never change their spots.

over and out until next time. Xx




It’s all about balance..

So I am back………. No one panic, I am only back for a one off special!!! You guys know the drill, make a cup of tea, pull up a chair and prepare yourselves once again for my boring waffle, bad grammar and even worse spelling.

I am sure you are all wondering why the hell am I am back? Don’t worry you lot aren’t alone! I am asking myself the very same question as I sit hear headphones on, drinking coffee, trying to spell and grammar check as I write!!! Truth is I have missed writing. But that isn’t why I’m back… And this is very much a one off, I promise!!                                                                                                                                        It is very hard to believe I started writing blogs over 3 years ago and wrote my last blog nearly 7 months ago. The reaction my ramblings received from you amazing people blew my mind! From the blogs I have been offered work writing regular blogs and even articles for several magazines, crazy hey?!?!?

So, back to why I am writing this… At the weekend I got asked about my coaching and my thinking behind the way I coach. I waffled on about some crap because I wanted to get off the subject of me. Those that know me well will be able to tell you that whilst I can tell a good story, I actually hate talking about me. Mostly because I am very uninteresting.. But also because I’ve learnt you learn less from talking and more from listening, even if what you learn isn’t knowledge.

Sometimes what you learn about the person you are listening to talk is invaluable.

But having waffled on about some crap and swiftly getting off the subject of me I couldn’t stop thinking about the thinking behind my coaching.. What is it I do?             I know I have the reputation (please don’t think I am being arrogrant when I say this) of getting people and horses to achieve things they would never have believed was possible. But how? This is what I came up with and what I wished I had the courage to say at the weekend….

Its all about balance. In every sense of the word.

The first thing I look for when I meet new people or horses is confidence, how do they carry themselves? Do they sit or stand square and do they look me in the eye with confidence? That’s the first balance I have to tip….                                                               If the balance of confidence isn’t tipped towards the positive side you are fighting a losing battle. I often tell unconfident people I am coaching to look me in the eye whilst talking and to stop looking like an apology, you won’t get very far in any walk of life without confidence. Full stop.                                                                                          Then I look at how brave they are, this balance is (IMO) the most important. Bravery comes in all forms, I’m not talking about someone who is gun ho and happy to gallop flat out everywhere! I’m talking about if someone/a horse is brave enough to listen and push themselves out of their comfort zone if I tell them to. If they will grab the bull by the horns and have a go.                                                                                                    Then i move on to looking at their actual balance, you don’t have to be a great or even a good rider but if you have good balance and don’t interfere a horse can do its job. Some people naturally have it, some have to work at it.                                                                                Then I go on to attitude, a good attitude is invaluable. A bad attitude is easily got rid of.. Either the person/horse changes it or they leave. Simples.

So there it is.. My ground rules for not only coaching but LIFE.

Be confident, you’ll get nowhere in life not being confident. And if you aren’t confident, pretend you are and wing it. It’s what most people do.                                                                                             Be brave, you’ll regret the times you weren’t brave far more than the times you’ll regret being brave. Trust me I know, this weekend I was on a bad stride to the last  fence after a foot perfect round on the xc, every ounce of me screamed be brave, slip your reins and kick. I didn’t.. I wasn’t brave, I held on to nothing and hoped for the best.. And we fell.. Don’t be me, be brave.. Don’t fall and if you do fall, fall trying.                                                         Have balance, life is about balance.. Sometimes it isn’t easy to manage, but practice makes perfect. Play as much as you work, it’s more important than you will believe.       Keep a check of your attitude and the attitude of people around you. If it isn’t good, change it or get rid. Nothing good came from having a bad attitude. Fact.

So remember life is to short to not be confident, not be brave, not have balance in your life or a good attitude… Oh and also bad sex, coffee, men and horses…

Over and out all, until next time. Take care XX






Being the majority not the minority, loving the idea but liking the reality….

Evening all..

So here we are again, you guys are about to read a read a blog I’ve written (badly) whilst I wait with bated breath for feed back from you all… I always worry how you guys will reacte to my blogs, I am very aware my blogs are not the ‘usual’ type of blog. Also, I worry my blogs are to much like me! to honest, to close to the bone and to to the point.. But this blog is different, not only will it be my last ever blog. But I know this blog is to honest, I know it is to close to the bone and I know it is to to the point! But sod it, I may as well go out with a bang hadn’t I?! So pull up a chair guys, because this will be a very long read……………

Over the last couple of years two of close friends have a) unfairly lost the ride on a horse or have b) unfairly lost their job which included all rides on horses that came with it. Just like that, boom.. Carpet pulled from our underneath them, both friends privately turned to me, at the time I didn’t really understand why. But now I think I know why, because they knew I would be a 100% honest with them. If they had deserved it I would have said as much.. I remember one conversation that went a long the lines of ‘Phoebe, did I deserve to lose that horse? Me – No you didn’t, don’t get me wrong you can be a t**t but the owner is a c**t and you don’t want to work or ride for people like that. The end, now move on’

Recently a friend went thou a similar thing and it brought memories back of having to watch people you care about being treated badly and just how mistrustful it can make people.. But worse than that, it brought back memories of how badly I felt I was treated by someone right at the start of my career and how without a shadow of a doubt that experience changed and the path I took with my career.

I will never ever forget being a keen 19yr old event rider and being told I would get to ride one of the best event horses on the circut. Excited doesn’t even cover it, you see despite what I say.. I used to LOVE eventing, I remember at the tender age of 15 planning how I was going to Badminton event by event! So imanage my delight when I was offered a horse that had been 8th at Burghley. Yes, he had had 2 years off with leg problems but I didn’t care.. I know just how lucky I was and I adored the bear bones of the horse.. Our first season went fantastically well and we aimed at a Autumn 3 day with the plan of really giving the young rider team a proper go the following season. So can you imanage how I felt when I found out that at our Autumn 3 day that whilst watching me trot up someone heavily involved with the young rider system was slagging me and my wonderful horse off! He was helped in the bitch fest by a groom of one of the other people who would be aiming at the young rider team the following season. And my crime that meant I deserved this public hanging? It was is just because I had been given the ride on this horse, it destroyed me.. I didn’t poach the ride, I didn’t go ringing up the owner trying to nick the ride in anyway. He had been in the field with leg problems, my owner had been asked by his owner if she knew of a young rider  who might like the ride and thankfully my wonderfully loyal owner jumped at the chance to have him and she ran him as her own horse for me to ride. And because of that I was being ripped to pieces, from that moment on I promised myself I would never ever get involved on a friendship level with anyone from eventing, if the powers that be felt it was acceptable to stand and rip me to pieces in public they were not the sort of people I wanted to be involved with.. And I’m worse than an elephant.. I never ever forget..

However time heals wounds and by the following season I had mallowed out about it all, my dream horse was on fire that season. We won first time out and kept up our fantastic form all season.. However midway thou that season it happened again, I over heard a ‘power that be’ slagging me and my wonderful horse off. This happened just before Bramham, I went to Bramham crushed but also so angry. Needless to say I went  there with a point to prove and a massive chip developing on my shoulder! That week I did a masterful job of steering my wonderful horse vaguely in the right direction in each phase and he did an even more masterful job of not only putting up with my crap steering but of also some how looking after me and also managing to win. In the moment following the prize giving I was happy to draw a line thou my dream of being on the young rider team.

I loved the idea of eventing to the highest level and representing my country but I didn’t like the reality of having to deal with and be nice to people who such horrid narrow minded views. And people I frankly thought were ar*ses..

Everyone who knows me will know I did in fact go to the young rider European Championship.. We won gold and my wonderful horse was the best British horse, I went to the championships with a awful outlook.. I went there for my owner and my horse. Not because I wanted to be on a team.. I just wanted to make sure my horse and I got to be the best British combination. We did that, I had an ok time and I just hope I did my horse, my owner and my mum (who came to watch) proud.

Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m all about everyone one else, I adore helping and encouraging others… I would have loved nothing more than to have felt I could have truly been part of my team, but how could I when I had to sit across a table from a groom and a person in a position of power that had not only slagged me off but also had openly joked about me being a dirty pikey! So I did what I do best… Get angry then just shut myself off from the world..

Fast forward a few years and…..

Not so long ago I lost the ride on a horse I felt I shouldn’t have, it was all a genuine mix up I was told.. Then soon after that the same owner bought the rider they had given my ride to a super smart horse to ride, that was some bitter pill to swallow! But I have (hopefully) not complained about it to much for several reasons..

I love the idea of having a big, busy event yard with loads of horses and going back to being that 19yr old with dreams far bigger than her actual talent.. But I don’t like the reality of that in order to have that big busy yard I will have to deal with people that aren’t loyal and think it’s ok to take horses away from you when they shouldn’t and to have to put up with people talking about you because they have decided you are beneath them and that someone who rides as badly as you shouldn’t have rides on nice horses. Don’t get me wrong these people are a minority not a majority.. But still, eventing is in my experience dog eat dog and as the old saying goes – if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen. I never liked cooking that much anyways…

I took a step back from eventing about 3 years ago and I have to say I’m happier than ever..

I love the reality of my life.. And I like the idea of changing it.. Until that balance changes I shall stay as I am – a random blonde girl who talks to much, laughs at her own jokes, has a couple of event horses that she adores riding, has a million fantastic people she loves teaching more than words can say, has a few select friends she misses more than she’d ever tell them when they arent around to either try and force feed me gin or let me drive over speed dumps at a million miles an hour and one very loyal owner that never ever makes her question if she will lose the ride on any of her horses…

Life is so very short…

Love your reality more than you like the idea you don’t have, don’t complain about something you don’t have but aren’t prepared to do what needs doing to have it and remember sometimes being a majority is better than being the minority..

Stay safe, be lucky and if you can’t do those two then just make sure you are having fun whilst you are being unlucky and unsafe and there is a positive in every negative if you look hard enough..

Over and out all……

Phoebe, Champ and Custard Xx


Sticking together, a reality check and a Custard teaching me to cope…


So I’m back, it’s been a while. But it is that time again! So put the kettle on, pull up a chair and get ready to be bored!!!

I actually sat down to write a blog about 4 weeks ago, but truth be known when I started writing I didn’t have much interesting to say! Then about a week ago I came across a interesting post on a social media. It was a post about about horses and riders being allowed to run a levels they may not be ready to run at… Anyways.. Within that post some comments brought up a ride a pro rider had given a horse at a fence at a major event. I won’t bore you all with the ins and outs of it but basically the horse ended up jumping in the ditch in front of the fence and fired the poor rider over its head. Now, what got me most interested was the fact that some other pro riders were commenting about it and they were being pretty harsh about the way the rider in question rode the fence. Being nosey, I was about to try and find the fall/UR in question. That was until someone kindly posted the video!

When I clicked on the video I was half wincing as to what horrific riding I was about to see, but then came the shock.. I didn’t see horrific riding, in fact I didn’t even see bad riding. So I watched the video over and over, truth be told I couldn’t see one thing the rider did wrong. So I did what I do, I said as much on the post! The rider in question is one of the best riders in the world, he was riding a very experienced but difficult horse that has been known to ’empty out’ towards the end of courses. But the horse and rider combination have been very successful together, they had done a leading dressage mark and SJ’d clear. The rider was kicking on to a big open ditch/brush fence and was on (from what I saw) a perfectly decent stride when the horse just jumped in to the ditch. The horse didn’t faulter, didn’t check its self looking unsure of the stride it was on. It simply took off and instead of jumping over the ditch and fence it jumped in to the ditch instead.

I wasn’t at all shocked by people on social media being mean about the rider, hell I’ve seen riders ripped apart on social media for less! But what did shock me was the people that were having their ten pence worth. They were pro riders, who I’m sure at some point have ridden a fence badly or ridden a fence really well only for their horse for unknown reasons put in a shocking jump. As pro riders we have to be very careful about pubically calling out other riders for mistakes they make (not that I believe the rider in question made a mistake) because it leaves us very open. I asked if any of the riders commenting had ever made a mistake? Or had a horse let them down? None of them responded to me, I asked the question because I know dame well they have, because I’ve seen the mistakes with my own eyes.. I am the first to say if I feel someone, pro rider or not has ridden well or badly. I am very open about the mistakes I make, mainly because I want people that follow me to know that even us so called pro’s f*ck it up every now and again, I am also very open when for whatever my horses don’t go well. Sometimes horses just don’t play ball – doesnt mean you haven’t done your home work or put in the right amount of effort. But what I try to not and hope I don’t do is pubically judge them, because I am very aware of the saying for the grace of God go I. So pro riders, how about us sticking together? No bull shit needed but no public hanging either, that is of course unless you are perfect? And can say you’ve never got it wrong?

It’s just I hear replacing glass in green houses is expensive……

So, that brings me nicely on to my next subject!   RIO.. Having got my love for eventing back I watched Rio closely, after all I have 2 horses that will be ready to win gold in 4 years time so I wanted to find out what I was in for!

Having watched from the get go I had one overwhelming feeling.. That feeling was disappointment…. Half of our team were off the pace in the dressage and scored well below what they had been producing here, then we (barring 1 rider) looked out of our depth on the xc. Yes we show jumped well, but so we should have..

I then watched while social meda went in to melt down on the day of xc, again what interested me was just how negative and plain rude people were being about the riders.. Let’s be frank now – it’s simple, we did under achieve. But do people honestly think that those rider out in Rio didn’t try their best?! Of course they did.. But for what ever reason we aren’t consistently hitting the mark at championship level. Can anyone honestly say the funding programme is working? We have world class riders and horses so why aren’t they performing at world class level when we really need them to? We have to face the fact that we have not and do not perform consistently on the same high level as the other ‘top’ eventing nations when it comes to the championships, despite the fact we are the hub for eventing, riders come to this country to be based, for training and that’s not bringing in to account our lottery funding program. Hopefully this is the reality check we need so the powers that be can get us back to being the country others fear and when the xc gets tough we shine, not fall apart. But please don’t pull apart our riders, they were out there in RIO doing their best, their best ‘should’ be good enough. It’s down to team GB to change the ‘should’ in to ‘is’

Whilst we are talking of Olypmics..

I have my 2 horses all lined up, one is the son of a Little Tiger by Jaguar Mail. The other is a funny little narrow bright chestnut with 4 white socks, blaze and belly called Custard.

Custard was given to me by my best friend, she is a racing manager for an amazing lady and when their horses have finished their racing career they make sure they get good and permanent homes. Custard is a very odd character! He struggles with life slightly but there has always been something about him I loved. This summer I have finally had time to start his eventing career, from the second he left the ground I simply thought wow! For all Custard can’t cope with lots of aspects of every day life, my good he is classy… For Custard flat work, jumping and being brave xc comes very naturally to him, what doesn’t come naturally to him is believing in himself. That is were my job has come in, I have spent the last 6 weeks building him up and showing him just how great he is and my gosh he is seriously finding his feet! Custard has made me remember that I have a knack with horses that need a friend, also that seeing the obvious talent isn’t hard. It’s seeing and working with talent that’s buried away that is a whole lot harder. Do I think Custard will honestly get to Toyko? Hand on heart – yes I do. Am I mad? Stupid? Delusional? Probably all of those things.. But if I don’t believe in him he certainly won’t believe in himself!

My little chestnut ex race horse is going to Toyko. Simple. I have made our plan, we shall stick to it and we will look forward to you all saying – Phoebe told us so.. For me dreaming is what makes me tick, it’s what I live for. I live to do things other people wouldn’t do or don’t think I can do, because I’m that girl – the one who does things other people wouldn’t. Wether it’s jumping a pony round Badminton, jumping a gate one handed whilst videoing with the other hand or getting a scared of his own shadow little ex race horse to think he is the best event horse to have ever walked the land. But I do those things for myself, because what makes me tick is what’s important to me.. Not what others think of what makes me tick…

Recently someone said to me the power of the mind is an amazing thing. That same person also told me an amazing story about just how powerful the power of the mind can be, it reminded me of how I convince people I teach to jump fences they never thought they could. The reason I convince them is because I am convinced they can.

So do something for you, something that makes you tick.. If anyone questions you or tells you not to do something you want to.. Get rid of them, if people that are around you don’t believe in you it makes believing in yourself a whole lot harder. Just ask Custard…

Over and out.

P xx



If you Google my name, one of the first the first things that will pop up is an article written by the BBC about me, and my career and how I am ‘breaking away from my roots’. My ‘roots’ are those of a Romany Gypsy – I am a Romany Gypsy – and my career is riding and competing horses in the sport of eventing at which I have been very successful, representing the UK in Europe . I also train and keep thoroughbred horses at my stables.

“My father’s love and passion for his cobs rivals any love or passion that I have for the wonderful horses that carry me to success competing”

Now a love for horses has been in my family for generations, but of course I ride and compete a very different type of horse than my father, who has had hairy cobs for as long as I can remember. Of course the horses I compete are taller, finer in build and faster!! I live, breath and love my horses, but believe me when I say my father’s love and passion for his cobs rivals any love or passion that I have for the wonderful horses that carry me to success competing.
Because of my career and the non-Gypsy people I found myself mixing with, until very recently I had not encountered anyone who judged me because of my ‘roots.’ People liked me (or not!) for my straight-talking no-nonsense approach to life and respected me because they believed I could ride a horse well.
However a couple of years ago whilst living and working away I was made aware of my parents’ struggle with their local council. This was an issue my parents didn’t want to tell me about as they didn’t want to worry me, so you can image the shock I had when I found out that after 30 years of living very happily in our village, the council were trying to get my parents removed from their land. The reason? Because they are Gypsies. It’s as simple as that. My parents have been labelled as trouble and a drain on the local services because they are Gypsies and this is despite the fact my parents pay their taxes and have never ever had so much as a single complaint made against them by their neighbours in the village. Craziness!

Now that is a very long story I won’t bore you with and it isn’t the point of this blog, but because of the fight I am having on behalf of my parents with very influential councillors who I believe are at the bottom of all the trouble being caused to my parents, I have been made much more ‘aware’ of just how OK it is to publically label Gypsies or Travellers as thieves and/or trouble-makers when the people doing the labelling very rarely have any actual proof the Gypsies or Travellers have done anything wrong. Discrimination and prejudice because of people’s ethnic identity is both wrong and illegal – but his type of discrimination against Gypsy and Travellers is a seen as far more acceptable by far too many powerful people. That, trust me is a fact! Here are little examples for you to think about and compare:

“Over the last week or so I have watched two cases of cruelty to horses unravel on social media”

Over the last week or so I have watched two cases of cruelty to horses unravel on social media. It goes without saying that any cases of cruelty are hard to swallow, but because of my every day involvement with horses, I find cases involving horse mistreatment especially hard.
Example one involves an ex-racehorse that was photographed at a fun ride. This poor horse was so thin you could see every single bone in its body. I personally have never ever seen a living horse thinner than that poor horse, and to make matters worse, the girl riding the horse on the fun ride had put a rug on him to cover up most of his body whilst he was being ridden. This was of course to cover up the fact all his ribs and spine were clearly visible. However someone had managed to take a photo of the poor horse after his tack was taken off at the end of the ride, and that photo will haunt me forever. In many of the posts about this horse some people made rude and unnecessary comments about the rider’s weight, which were quite rightly removed. After all, what does this person’s weight have to do with the fact she has clearly mistreated her poor horse, a horse that depended on her to look after him? After all not all people of a certain weight starve their horses, do they?
Case two involves a weak, small, awful looking yearling who was photographed with a bit in his mouth and roller on him, he was in a very bare paddock with his ‘tack’ left on overnight and with no water or food in sight. The horse has just been seized by the RSPCA from a Traveller site near Bradford. To say that this little chap looked a mess would be an understatement and my heart broke for him. Just as in the social media posts about the ex-racehorse (both posts are on the same social media site), many people were attacking the people who inflicted the mistreatment to this poor little horse. But the reaction was very different and I did not see a single comment or post removed because of what was said about this person. This person just happened to be a Gypsy.

There were also some people standing up for people from the Gypsy community on this particular post and saying that not all Gypsies mistreat animals etc… Who knew?!? Such is the acceptable face of the prejudice against Gypsies that this has to be pointed out. It did not, however, stop the abuse against all Gypsies on the post.
Was I shocked by how much hate the entire Gypsy race was getting because of the actions of a few members of their community? No, not at all, because if you are a Gypsy you will get labelled. Fact. It is so acceptable to publicly slate Gypsies even an MP – Phillip Davies, the MP for Shipley – got involved and went on to repeat the racist generalisations in Parliament! Try and image this; if a MP were to get up in Parliament and say that all Black people deal drugs and the police can’t touch them because they are Black and will play the race card. There would be uproar and rightly so, BUT WITH Gypsies and Travellers it’s acceptable.

“I believe your roots or heritage or ‘race’ does not define how you treat people or animals, just as how you treat people or animals does not define your roots or heritage”

Here’s an idea. If people (MP’s, police and the RSPCA included) don’t want these ‘people’ to ‘play the race card’, how about not bringing up their ‘race’ in the first place? What has it got to do with anything? If you don’t use the fact they happen to be Gypsies against them, then they can’t use it against you, can they? I believe your roots or heritage or ‘race’ does not define how you treat people or animals, just as how you treat people or animals does not define your roots or heritage. You are either a good, decent or kind person, or you are not. The people involved in these two cases are not. Fact. These people’s weight, background, upbringing, ‘race’ or religion has not made them act cruel. They did that all on their own. Fact.
It took years for my father to get his head around why I would clip all my horses’ hair off to then rug them up, or why I would make my horses go out in paddocks on their own. My father would say ‘what about if they get an itch and can’t itch it because they are wearing all those rugs and have no horses to groom them? Your horses aren’t leading a natural life’. Can I disagree with my father? Of course not because he is right in his own way, but I am doing my best for my horses. Just as my father does for his. I may not agree with all the things he does with his ponies, but I have to admit they all look very well and are loved.
Last winter my father had a pony he was struggling to keep weight on, so I got the pony’s teeth done for my father and it made all the difference. Fact is lots of Gypsies have said to me that they would love to turn to non-Gypsy people to help them with either feeding or the fact they have too many horses etc, but they know if they do they will more than likely be judged. My community is very much in a chicken before egg dilemma, whatever they do is probably going to be seen as wrong, because they are being judged and labelled by actions of the ‘wrong-uns’.
Just think what might have happened, if my dad didn’t have me to sort his the pony’s teeth out. My dad genuinely didn’t know that a ponies teeth could cause such weight-loss or who to contact to get it sorted, my dad’s much loved pony would have been one of those light of condition coloured ponies people post about on social media as being neglected, when actually the pony may well be owned by a man who loves his animals, needs help, but is scared to get non-Gypsies involved in his animals welfare because he will be labelled, just as has been all his life. Even when he has done nothing wrong.

“The Gypsy community I know, love their animals and are open minded about how to do the best thing by them”

I remember years ago having a heated discussion with a member of my Gypsy community who raced trotters – the ponies that race flat-out in light weight carts. I started going on about the strain on their joints etc and he came back with the fact I am heavily involved with racing and that they race racehorses at just two years old. He asked me ‘what’s the difference?’ His ponies were all properly fit, were fully clipped out and looked a million dollars, they also raced on proper tracks and not illegally on roads. In that moment I realised I was ill-educated about my community and what they did with their animals and how they treated them, and that I was guilty of labelling my own community because of a video of horrid illegal road racing I had seen on social media! From that point I made myself listen, watch and learn from other Gypsies and Travellers because, although they do stuff I maybe wouldn’t do with my horses (just as lots of no-Gypsy people I compete with do), they are trying to do right by their horses and I have genuinely learnt stuff about the handling and welfare of horses and donkeys that I didn’t know before – as they have from me. I have been asked more than once to break ponies in or help get them going. This is because the Gypsy community I know, love their animals and are open minded about how to do the best thing by them.
In every walk of life there is good and bad, yet sadly when it comes to the Gypsies and Travellers it is deemed acceptable to judge a whole community of people because of the actions of a few bad-eggs.
So next time you go to judge or comment on something regarding any ethnic community before you know that person or a community beyond some ill-informed words or posts on social media, try and think about how you would you feel if because of some cruel actions of someone who lives in the same street or even town as you, has the same job as you, or even the same colour hair as you, had the world openly judging you without even knowing you?
It’s an old saying but a true one – treat people as you would want to be treated – It’s something I’ve learnt to do the hard way.
I promise I won’t judge you because of the racist and closed minded views of a few people from your community if you can promise not to judge me on the actions of a few people from mine.
Until next time.
P x

Doing it for you and turning worlds..

So I am back.. You all know how this works, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and prepare to be bored!!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog, truth is that not much has happened in my boring life!! Hopefully my life will get a little more exciting now the event season is about to start so when I write the next blog you lot will be more entertained!

Anyways… All I seem to be have been doing the last few months is working to pay legal bills. Now I won’t bore you all with my parents case but it is going well and their  next (and hopefully final) trial is in the beginning of April so fingers crossed for then please!

A few months ago whilst with friends my parents case came up and one friend said how in the 8/9 months he had known me he had seen a real change in me with the pressure of it all. His comments actually hit a nerve, he wasn’t being nasty.. But he was right, I had felt the difference in myself other the summer. I could feel I wasn’t as happy go lucky, as funny or simply me. Because I’m saving as much money as I can I haven’t been able to afford to do the things that make me Phoebe. I have a lovely horse called Custard who I wanted to get eventing but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. Same with Colin, he has had a winter out because I have no time to hunt him because I am working as much as I can, do I begrudge it? Hell no! My parents come first every time and we are winning. We will get there. But one thing I did have this winter that I could afford was my point to pointer, he kept me sane.. With all this hard work I had to have something for me, God knows having him made my life even harder, I’m sure lots of you have seen the getting up at 4am galloping in the dark videos!! But I loved it.. Then just before Christmas and a week off a run I lost him.. I don’t mind saying it crushed me, I was working so hard for nothing.. So I had to take a breather from it all, even the council stuff, only a couple of weeks mind! Whilst I needed to clear my head I didn’t want the council thinking I had given up!!!!

and I’m back with a bang..

You see I’m selfish.. Very selfish, hence being single! The idea of having to think of someone else before I do something is crazyness to me! But anyone who knows me will tell you that although I am selfish I will do anything to help anyone if I possibly can. In the month or so that I’ve restocked I have made a plan – I bloody love plans!! Whether it’s with the horses, for myself or for people I help.. I love plan, a aim, a goal.. Realistic or not it makes no odds!! It makes my world turn and my world turning is all that matters!! Because when my world is turning I am excited and when I’m excited I’m fun.. And fun and exciting is what life is about isn’t it?

So here’s my plan!

Over the summer I will be knocking down and re building my yard at home, I have just got permission for a walker and school and I am re fencing paddocks as I write. I won’t be having a big yard at home as l love doing horses totally myself and I also love ve how things are and don’t want to change much, especially doing my teaching etc and it’s very important to me I can still keep my trips to Scotland up as I have made life long friends there. But I would love to have say 7/8 horses at home. At the end of this year I also hope to buy a really smart young horse and maybe syndicate him or her out! In the winter I want to continue my job breaking in yearlings as I love that side and learn so much. But I will also have a couple of pointer to pointers again- one will be my ladies horse, there’s unfinished business there! How will I afford all this? Well when we win against the council I will get all my costs back! 😝 That will be a nice starting pot for me.. Will I get all this done in the next 9/10 months? Who knows.. But I do know I have to have a dream, a plan.. It’s 2017 going to be some year?! Phoebe Buckley eventing domination? Where are the olypics in 2020?

You see life is about dreams, whether that dream is building a yard, jumping round badminton or even jumping a filler you never thought you could..

Don’t ever become me over the last few months, treading water.. Whatever you are doing in life have a goal, a aim and that aim and goal should be to do something total for you.. Be selfish – you want to do something? Go do it.. Because even just getting off your backside and trying to do it will make your world turn a little quicker and trust me, quicker equals more excitement.

Im off to go pull up some fence posts, boring? Nah.. It’s making my world turn quicker and my world turning quicker can only mean my dream, my aim, my goal will happen sooner..

Sorry for the slightly boring blog… But it should get more exciting from here on in…

Over and out…

P xx


Turning pages and stepping sideways but never back……..

So I’m back.. You all know the drill.. Pull up a chair and I shall try my very best not to bore you all too much..

A couple of weeks ago I got asked how I started riding and how I kept relavent.. It got me thinking.. Am I really relevant?

Lots of people won’t know that I didn’t actually start riding till very late, infact I didn’t have my first lesson until I was in my early teens, being from my background we always had ponies around and I used to ride them bareback but I always wanted to ride ‘properly’ dispite that going against everything I was brought up to do and be. You see I just couldn’t let this fascination with riding horses go, my parents thought I’d out grow the ‘riding ponies phase’ but I never did and I left school at a very young age to ride/work with horses..

Leaving school was partly because I was really badly bullied, I was not and won’t be the first or only kid to be bullied at school. Kids are the cruelest things in the world.. I guess looking back right from that point my ‘tough’ skin was forming.. You see in my teenage years the thing I struggled with the most was I didn’t fit in anywhere, everyone knows about my background and it’s nothing new but I was brought up to not mix or talk with the ‘normal folk’ and here I was not only mixing with them because of the horses but I was also enjoying there company.. There were a few years in my mid to late  teens were I mixed 50/50 with the gypsy community and the non gypsy community.. I would go to a gypsy party or wedding and my own people wouldn’t try very hard to hide the fact I didn’t don’t fit it. Same with normal folk, some were great but some not so much.

The overwhelming feeling I have felt all my life is that I in some way or shape am letting someone down or not fitting it, either I am not speaking correctly, am too outspoken or am being to honest. This isn’t a case of poor little Phoebe feeling sorry for herself, it’s how I feel. You see I am not a massively confident person but I am a very assured person. I know when I have messed up, ridden well or said something I shouldn’t have and I’m happy to throw my hands up and be honest to everything I do or say… Good or bad..

I spent my early early to mid 20’s dating someone totally toxic for me. He wasn’t a bad person and I won’t slag him off as I’m not that type of person but he was ashamed of my background and he would drum that fact in to me. Was he a bad person? No.. Was he a bad person for me? Without doubt.. Am I the first girl to be with the wrong type of bloke? Of course I’m not!! But he did rip my confidence to pieces, I remember him saying he was pleased I had a fall at one major event because I was getting to ‘big headed’

I started to question everything I said and how I behaved.. I had always thought that I was a fairly level headed down to earth person but here the person I loved was telling me I wasn’t…. So there it began – the beginning of Phoebe Buckley trying to be everything she wasn’t and everything she thought everyone else wanted her to be.. For years I watched my P’s and Q’s in fear of not fitting in even more than I already didn’t.. Then I went even further the other way, I used to pretend I was happy and didn’t mind the fact that people didn’t like me, that I didn’t fit in or that I didn’t have any friends.. When infact I hated it, I hated that I had forgotten how to just be me.. Some days I’d just cry because I hated not being comfortable in being me.. Everything suffered and I truly believe I have not achieved half of what I would have achieved had I just been in a more settled place..

But hey ho, I wasn’t and I didn’t.. Sadly that ship has sailed… For now…

A couple of years I started to find my feet, I was getting back to me..

Then something happened.. I started my trips to Scotland and wow.. I was given a shiny new start, I went there knowing that no one from Scotland had ever met me before.. I promised myself on the first flight up that I was going to be 100% me.. 100% Phoebe Buckley.. If they didn’t want me to come back so be it, but to my amazement they all seemed to love me!!  My Scottish friends will never be able to understand the confidence they have and are giving me.. I don’t soft soap any of them in my lessons, they fall off, I shout at them, I push them and above all I tell them when they gave done a great job.. So far they all seem to quite like the  real ‘Phoebe Buckley’

Am I totally back to me? Nope.. Not yet..

I still have wobbles when people say things, but when I do have those wobbles I try to remember to take a deep breath and I remind myself that those wobbles are the very reason I am relevant..

Because im human – I’ve had shit boyfriends, I’ve said things I shouldn’t, I’ve posted things on Facebook I wished I hadn’t, I’ve enjoyed success, I’ve ridden badly, I’ve ridden well,  I’ve cried when things have gone wrong or when I’ve lost horses.. I’m honest to a fault and I want people to know that the toughest of people still care what people think..

I have learnt the very hard way that worrying what people think isn’t the problem, it’s worrying what the wrong people think is were the damage is done..

So from this day onwards if someone says or does something that upsets you just turn the page on them, never see any mistake you make as a step backwards.. It’s a step sideways at worst, if you learn something from it then it’s still a step forwards, even if it’s only a small one..

I want to dedicate this blog to anyone who has cried when they shouldn’t.. Wipe your tears, because if the person who caused those tears isn’t wiping them for you then your tears are wasted on them..

Have a great Christmas everyone and I hope 2016 brings you all everything you wish for.. Over and out…

P xx

Filling in the gaps…

Hey everyone..

So after the last blog lots of people have been asking questions about mine and my parents treatment by the council.
I think I cover my parents treatment fairly well (without boring everyone senseless!!) in the last blog but I thought I give you all a few details of my dealings with the council.

So pull up a comfy chair, maybe even get some popcorn and get yourself prepared as this will be a long one!!

As I said before all this started after I asked for copies of all my parents planning applications etc.
All I received were a few documents from my parents appeal, in these documents there was a copy of a email titled ‘Easton & Cook’ now the content of this email is what really got me going..
In this email written by a councillor who I’d like to add is not only on our parish council but is also the leader of our district council, he talked about the gypsy community’s greater educational and medical needs being a drain etc..
So not to bore you all to much below is just 1 page of the 3 page ‘Easton & Cook’ email..


This email was given to another councillor on the morning of my parents appeal, he was told to read it out on behalf of and as part of the council, he said he was so disgusted at the content he wouldn’t read it as he feared that if he read it out aloud the appeal officer would think he agreed with its content.
So he handed the email, even thou on the email it said ‘these notes are confidential and should not be given away if they ask for the speech!’ he told the appeal officer he wouldn’t read it as he didn’t agree with the content.

As soon as I got my hands on it and read it thou I was shocked to say the least, so I went to the next public parish council meeting that was just a few days later.. With me came my cousin, she was born and raised in the village and now has 2 children at the local school.
She wanted to come as she was concerned that her children were being bullied at the school and she was worried they weren’t being treated like the other children because they weren’t wanted at the school.
I had printed off a copy of that years Ofsted school report that basically dis agreed with every claim the council made.

When it was my 3 mins to talk I stood up and started handing each councillor a copy of the Easton & Cook email..
Guess what happened next?

Once I got to the councillor who had written it and he saw what I was handing out he stood up and told us we had to leave, he even stood there shouting at us to stop handing it out..
I stood my ground, why should we leave? Or why should I stop handing out copies of an email written by a councillor on behalf of the council who’s meeting I was attending..
When we wouldn’t leave the chairman decided to close the whole meeting rather than give me my 3 mins to talk.
My cousin was horrified and couldn’t believe the way they reacted at just being given back there own email.

And in the minutes of that meeting guess who got the blame for disrupting the meeting and causing it to end? Yep it was me!!!

So I decided I was going to struggle to do this alone and contacted a local organisation that helped ethnic groups that felt they were suffering from discrimination.
The guy who was given the job as acting as my advocate was fantastic, he even came to meetings with me and helped me draw up (we all know how terrible my grammar and spelling is!!) a list of questions I wanted answering regrading the content of the Easton & Cook email.
So we sent the questions in to the council, I awaited there response with batted breath and guess what response I got?
It just said that answering my questions wasn’t a good use of there time!!!

My advocate was not taking that lying down!! He stood my ground for me and said they had a duty to responded fully to my questions..
After months of pushing the council for answers he received a email from the councillor who wrote the Easton and Cook email (don’t forget this councillor is also the leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council) saying if we didn’t back off he was going to sue me for slander and deformation of character.
The councillor claimed I had made accusations about him at a meeting 18months before and he felt he had no choice but to now take action.
My advocate rang me straight away and informed me of what was going on, he asked me if I had said what I was being accused of saying.
I said of course I hadn’t and if I had why had the councillor left it 18months to do anything about it?!
So he in a fancy way just basically emailed the councillor back saying he had spoken to me and I had said I was happy for the councillor to kick on and sue me.
We must have had 4/5 more emails saying he was going to go ahead and do it.. Although nearly 2 years on his solicitors don’t seem to have got round to doing it..
But in one of those emails the councillor asked my advocate if his organisation received any funding from the council.
My advocate confirmed they did..

Not long after my advocate stopped replying to my emails and stopped getting in touch and I haven’t heard from them/him since.

Make of that what you will…..

18 months after I first sent those questions in I finally got them answered, well when I say answered I mean the council pretty much either worked around my questions not answering them or just told me they no longer held the information I had asked for.

I asked for weeks and weeks for copies of some documents I knew the council had but I believed were withholding from me.. The response they sent to me was that all copies of those documents had been deleted from EVERY council and each councillors computers so they no longer had any copies of the documents but guess what happened then..

I managed together my hands of copies of the ‘deleted’ documents..

I informed the council that I’d managed to get copies of the deleted documents and they shouldn’t worry about trying to find them for me anymore and within a matter of days they contacted me to say that low and behold they had managed to ‘find’ copies too!!!

Then I did a FOI and Subject Assess request and found out lots of wonderful things were being emailed around about me between Councillors..

Like the leader of South Cambs District Council email the gypsy liaison officer telling her I was causing trouble and to not speak to me and that he had a winnable court case against me but I had no money is there was no point in suing me!!
Then there was the councillor who emailed saying I was using lies, slander and was harassing the parish council and Councillors to get my own way.
I emailed asking those Councillors to prove what they were writing about he, guess what???
Yep you guessed it – they have just ignored me and my emails..

At a public meeting a couple of months ago the leader of South Cambs District Council followed me out of the meeting whilst I was on my own and said he nor the council would ever help me because of how badly I had treated the council!!!!!!!!!
I went back in to the meeting and complained to the clerk at being followed out on such a threatening manner.
I emailed a complaint about it a few days later and guess what?
Yep.. It was totally ignored too..

The latest email I got from the council justified what has been written about me because my many visits to the council offices, meetings and phone calls to parish office are causing the Councillors stress.. What about me? What about my sleepless nights? All the days I’ve been so miserable and tired I’ve just cried to myself?
I don’t have thousands of tax payers money to send on solicitors nor do I have people to talk to about this.
I did point out to them that maybe if they hadn’t ignored me for pretty much the first 18 months maybe I wouldn’t  have kept emailing, visiting the offices or calling them.
What was I meant to do? Just give up and disappear?
Sorry but if they thought that was going to happen they were greatly mistaken!!

The council have even printed stuff about my community in our local Cambridgeshire news paper.. Including things like that we cause so much trouble in the village it’s spills out on to the streets of our village..
I asked them for police reports etc supporting that article..
Guess what? Yep they haven’t supplied them either.

I have re read thou a load of my emails from the beginning and I sometimes cringe at how angry I come across in them but then again I was angry!!
Not once am I threatening and I stand by each and every email I have written. Bad grammar and all!!!
I do believe the council and Councillors are discriminating against gypsies.. No where can I find were the council have used any other ethic groups educational or medical needs as a reason to either stop them from moving in to the village, from having a extension on there house etc.. I have asked the council if they have but they ‘don’t hold that information’

This blog only touches on a quarter of what I have been out thou or have had said about me..
All this because I just want proof of what they have said about us, is that to much to ask?

I fight like mad to make my community trust and respect non gypsies more but gypsies live by one tradition more than any other – you treat people how you want to be treated and can I say hand on heart the gypsies from my village have been treated with respect?

NO is the answer..

Everything I have talked about in this blog I have in black and white and am happy to share with anyone.

So my battle continues…
I won’t give up but it’s been a long hard battle till now and it doesn’t look like getting any easier…

The last paragraph in the the latest letter from the council said this
‘they did not feel they had to responded to any further correspondents from me because what’s done is done’

Good job I’m a fighter hey???

Telling a story, opening a tin of worms and not liking myself..

So I’m back. And I’m going to tell you all a story, so go make a cup of tea, pull up a chair and get comfy. This blog does have a point to it and if you keep reading I will get to it at the end!!

‘There was a family who lived very happily in a village for 25 years, after 15 years of living there the father of this family decided to sell their small modest home and buy a piece of land…
You see his daughter was pony mad and he wanted to buy somewhere bigger enough so that she could fulfill her dream of having ponies and competing them.
So he bought some land and with the full go ahead given by the council he invested his life savings into building them a home and some stables for his daughter’s ponies.
For years they lived on the land very happily, then out of nowhere the council came round saying they had changed their mind and didn’t want his family to live on the piece of land he owned anymore.
The council told the family they would have to rip down their home and be on their way.

Can you imagine that?

I can… How? Because it is what is happening to my family right now…

I know what you are all thinking… There must be reasons…

And yep there are – reasons like…
The council have decided they don’t want buildings on the side of the road that my parents have built their log cabin, although they don’t seem to be worried about the pig farm or wind turbine that is just behind and next to us.
Then there is that my father is greedy.  Yep… The council, or I should say one very powerful councillor, reckons my dad was greedy for selling his small home in order to buy a bigger home and trying to better himself.
Then there is the main killer reason…
My family’s greater educational and medical needs!!
The council says that their educational and medical needs are so great that the village isn’t coping.
Oh and then they also wrote that we have no idea about the doctors’ appointment systems and we just turn up at the doctors expecting to be pushed in.
Pretty much the same goes for the school, kids are so behind they are draining the school and the ‘other’ parents are angry and don’t understand why our kids are allowed there.

So these reasons were given in order to aid the council in their battle to remove my parents from their home.
And they won… At my parents’ appeal 3 years ago the council won..
My parents lost and were told they were to be evicted from their home pretty much based on those reasons…

And then I got involved.

Whilst all this was going on I was working away and my parents didn’t want to trouble me with their problems!!
It was only when a friend of my parents’ rang me and said she thought I should go home and see my parents that I got wind of all of this.

You see with gypsies it’s often normal to give gypsies a temporary permission to live on a piece of land in case they are trouble. Then when the temporary permission runs out they could be moved on if they were.
My parents had a permanent permission on the small piece of land they sold and were happy having a temporary permission on their new land to start with as they knew they would be no trouble so they were certain they’d be given a permanent permission when they reapplied.
How very wrong were they!! They were given several repeat temporary permissions then the council decided to just remove all permissions, my parents have only built on their land what the council told them they could. Equally there has not been a single complaint made against my family ever, so how does it seem fair that the council can play God with people’s homes and lives?

The first thing I did was ask my parents for all their paperwork for the last 10 years and I was dumbstruck when I was given just a couple of emails from the appeal.
‘Where are all the copies of previous planning applications etc?’  I asked, thinking maybe there was some kind of clause on my parents permission…

Do you know what my parents told me? They told me that the council had filled out all their planning applications and had never once given them a copy of anything!!!
You see, my parents can’t read and write, and the council knew this.
Hence the council filling in all paperwork for my parents, but to never give them a copy of anything?!?!
My poor parents didn’t know they should have had a copy of it, in their words they said ‘we trusted the council’.

It all seemed so dodgy to me that I started to dig…
Oh, and what a tin of worms I opened!!!

First I went to the school, I wanted to know if what the council had written about the gypsy community’s children was true…
Guess what? The head mistress denied ever speaking to the council and said the views expressed by the council were not from or in any way the views of the school.
So on I went to the doctors, guess what? The same response… They said they had never spoken to the council and they were there to serve everyone equally from any ethnic or social background.
They also said they would never speak about peoples’ medical history etc as it would be a breach of patient confidentiality…
The school and doctors said they were happy to have a meeting with the council and me as they would like to get to the bottom of it as well, but when I asked the council they emailed saying they refused to attend a meeting and when I asked their reasons for not wanting to attend a meeting they emailed me saying that they had had a council meeting and had voted to not give me a reason as to why they wouldn’t attend a meeting with the school and doctors!! You couldn’t make it up could you?!

Anyway, I went to the council armed with my findings and letters from the school and doctors denying ever speaking with the council…
I said I wanted to know where and how they had got their information from.. after all, it had helped to make a decision to remove my family from their home…

Nearly 3 years on and I have been threatened with legal action many times (they haven’t as yet despite me saying I was happy for them to carry on and do so), I have been reported to the police, had Councillors try to make me leave meetings, have been followed out of meetings by a Councillor and threatened and have been called a liar in emails (in emails between Councillors I gained through an FOI request, I asked the Councillors to prove I was a liar as it could be seen as libel but they have totally ignored my request!!)
All this is because I won’t drop it, I won’t be fobbed off…
I’m standing up for what I believe in… Oh and in the last 2 months the councils accounts show that getting solicitors to reply to my emails has cost the tax payer just shy of £5000… But they still aren’t able to provide any actual proof ; they have made their claims up. I don’t understand why if they have done nothing wrong why their solicitors need to be so heavily involved??

Everything I have talked about above I have in writing and emails etc as proof.

The gypsy community aren’t a community that are liked, but there are good and bad in all walks of life and my family are good eggs.
But with Councillors going round printing stuff (with, it seems, no actual proof) like they have done about my family and the gypsies in my village it isn’t helping our cause is it?

My cousin said this to me –
They dont treat us like they do everyone else do they? They write what they like about us knowing we can’t read and write and also knowing we can’t do anything and even if we tried to do something who would believe us? Think of what would happen if a male gypsy followed a female councillor out of a meeting threatening her like the councillor did with you.

How could I disagree with him? He is right…

Imagine if an Asian or black family were told by the council they couldn’t remain in their home because their ‘greater educational and medical needs’ were a drain on there local school and doctors?
There would be uproar!!

I was told a long time I’d never win against the council and do you know why I was told I’d never win? It was because I don’t have enough money to fight them…
Is that what it all boils down to?
Not right and wrong…
It’s about who has more money.
But you know what? 3 years on I’m still here and I’m still fighting. My parents’ case goes to a public enquiry in mid Jan, my parents couldn’t really afford it but it was this or lose their home. So I’ve stepped in and I’m paying the bill. Can I afford it? Not really, but I won’t let the council win just because they have more money. Right is right and wrong is wrong…
I have taken some ‘normal people’ to meetings with me and they have been disgusted and shocked at how I’m spoken to by some Councillors.
Am I? Nope… I’m used to it. It’s how they treat us. Gypsies that is… Espically gypsies that ask questions and aren’t frighted to stand their ground no matter how bad they will be painted for doing so.

Do I like the person all this has turned me in to? Not in the least, it has made me mistrusting of ‘normal folk’ and bitter.
I’m forever over-tired and upset from working hard to pay legal bills or writing emails to Councillors but sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in and I believe in right winning over wrong.

So, the next time you see or hear of caravans pulled into a car park or football pitch remember me and my family because it could well be us soon.
Maybe don’t get angry with those gypsy families; after all, you know they may well have had a home they were happy in and were no trouble to anyone and then along came their local council and are now homeless.

The above is a VERY shortened version of what has happened and gone on, but I would be writing for a week if I tried to write it all down!!

Maybe reread this and think how you would feel if this was your family/parents. Maybe you can understand how I feel. Also, what my poor parents are going through, near retirement age and under threat at being made homeless just because the council have decided their face doesn’t fit anymore. Crazy hey??

But I shall keep fighting as I have let my wonderful parents down so badly by letting them be taken advantage of the way they have been.
Everyone likes a underdog don’t they? But you can’t really be a underdog if you are in the right can you?

Anyways I’ve always liked the name David and the name Goliath is a stupid one I wouldn’t want anyway.

A little saying that I love and which always make think about how the bad guys don’t always look like what you think he will…

“The Devil is real.
And he’s not a red man with horns and a tail.
He can be beautiful.
Because he’s a fallen angel
And he used to be God’s favourite”

Over and out from a maybe soon to be homeless Buckley.

P xx