It’s all about learning to say nothing at all or something nice…

So I’m back…..

This whole ‘last ever blog’ thing isn’t going so well for me is it?!?!? But you guys seem to still be enjoying them so maybe I will keep writing them. For now anyways! You lot would not believe the amount of times I have read and re read this blog (and changed it!) and I’m still not totally happy with it, but hey ho. That’s life! Make no mistake this is not a great blog even by my standards! But please excuse the grammar and spelling mistakes. I really am very dyslexic so struggle like mad with this type of writing.

So guys, pull up a chair and prepare your good selfs for my usual ramblings…….

Recently I have been reminded just how hard it seems to be for some people to say the easiest things to say.. Like the word ‘no’

No, is one of the first words we learn to say as children, but as adults it is often the hardest word to say to someone. Odd isn’t it? Also saying nothing at all, why is it so hard to be quiet? And it’s usually when what you have to say shouldn’t be said at all!

Same with saying something nice, as children it is one of the first things our parents teach us. Be nice to other children.

I would be guilty of not saying no often enough, just as I would be guilty of not being quiet enough of the time! But and it’s a big but, me not saying no and also talking to much is always for the right reasons, it’s to be nice and helpful. However, I am learning, learning that if someone won’t appreciate the effort I put in I will say no, I was seriously burnt 2 summers again when I put in weeks and weeks of my time and effort in to someone who did not appreciate it one jot. They went home and all I got was grief over something they did whilst staying with me but without me, my blessing and away from the horses. It hurt me more than anyone would ever know. But life is about learning and that situation was a life lesson.

What I have also learnt is that not everyone wants or cares for your help, input or words.  Think long and hard about if you putting your pennies worth in is actually pennies that are wanted.

My parents taught me from a early age to only worry about the opinions of people that matter. To only worry about the opinions of people that bring more good in to your life and want you to succeed, if those people are critical of you and what you are doing then you listen. Mum always said if someone is more negative than they are positive about you and what you are doing with your life remove them. Life is hard enough as it is.

This brings me on to social media and how it seems to allow people to feel they have a god given right to criticise people that they usually don’t even know! I say to people that are struggling with negativity they are receiving on Facebook that unless the people doing the critising are paying the entry fees etc just ignore and move on. I always say this is MY social media page and I post what I like, if people don’t like it they know where the unfriend button is.

Publicly pulling strips off people is not cool. Not even god does it. End of.

So remember what I always say. Life is about balance. And you must keep the balance of your life tipping up.

Ask yourself does that person criticising you bring as much, if not more positivity to your life as as they do bring negativity? If not, why are they in your life? Has the person criticising what you are trying to achieve, achieved at the very least as much or ideally more than you have? If not why are you allowing their lesser educated opinions effect you?  Never feel bad about cutting these people out of your life, if the friendship doesn’t serve you why should you serve it?

And finally, remember you learn more about people when you remove them from your life than when they were part of it. That is the time that people show their true colours. And leopards never change their spots.

over and out until next time. Xx