Doing it for you and turning worlds..

So I am back.. You all know how this works, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and prepare to be bored!!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog, truth is that not much has happened in my boring life!! Hopefully my life will get a little more exciting now the event season is about to start so when I write the next blog you lot will be more entertained!

Anyways… All I seem to be have been doing the last few months is working to pay legal bills. Now I won’t bore you all with my parents case but it is going well and their  next (and hopefully final) trial is in the beginning of April so fingers crossed for then please!

A few months ago whilst with friends my parents case came up and one friend said how in the 8/9 months he had known me he had seen a real change in me with the pressure of it all. His comments actually hit a nerve, he wasn’t being nasty.. But he was right, I had felt the difference in myself other the summer. I could feel I wasn’t as happy go lucky, as funny or simply me. Because I’m saving as much money as I can I haven’t been able to afford to do the things that make me Phoebe. I have a lovely horse called Custard who I wanted to get eventing but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. Same with Colin, he has had a winter out because I have no time to hunt him because I am working as much as I can, do I begrudge it? Hell no! My parents come first every time and we are winning. We will get there. But one thing I did have this winter that I could afford was my point to pointer, he kept me sane.. With all this hard work I had to have something for me, God knows having him made my life even harder, I’m sure lots of you have seen the getting up at 4am galloping in the dark videos!! But I loved it.. Then just before Christmas and a week off a run I lost him.. I don’t mind saying it crushed me, I was working so hard for nothing.. So I had to take a breather from it all, even the council stuff, only a couple of weeks mind! Whilst I needed to clear my head I didn’t want the council thinking I had given up!!!!

and I’m back with a bang..

You see I’m selfish.. Very selfish, hence being single! The idea of having to think of someone else before I do something is crazyness to me! But anyone who knows me will tell you that although I am selfish I will do anything to help anyone if I possibly can. In the month or so that I’ve restocked I have made a plan – I bloody love plans!! Whether it’s with the horses, for myself or for people I help.. I love plan, a aim, a goal.. Realistic or not it makes no odds!! It makes my world turn and my world turning is all that matters!! Because when my world is turning I am excited and when I’m excited I’m fun.. And fun and exciting is what life is about isn’t it?

So here’s my plan!

Over the summer I will be knocking down and re building my yard at home, I have just got permission for a walker and school and I am re fencing paddocks as I write. I won’t be having a big yard at home as l love doing horses totally myself and I also love ve how things are and don’t want to change much, especially doing my teaching etc and it’s very important to me I can still keep my trips to Scotland up as I have made life long friends there. But I would love to have say 7/8 horses at home. At the end of this year I also hope to buy a really smart young horse and maybe syndicate him or her out! In the winter I want to continue my job breaking in yearlings as I love that side and learn so much. But I will also have a couple of pointer to pointers again- one will be my ladies horse, there’s unfinished business there! How will I afford all this? Well when we win against the council I will get all my costs back! 😝 That will be a nice starting pot for me.. Will I get all this done in the next 9/10 months? Who knows.. But I do know I have to have a dream, a plan.. It’s 2017 going to be some year?! Phoebe Buckley eventing domination? Where are the olypics in 2020?

You see life is about dreams, whether that dream is building a yard, jumping round badminton or even jumping a filler you never thought you could..

Don’t ever become me over the last few months, treading water.. Whatever you are doing in life have a goal, a aim and that aim and goal should be to do something total for you.. Be selfish – you want to do something? Go do it.. Because even just getting off your backside and trying to do it will make your world turn a little quicker and trust me, quicker equals more excitement.

Im off to go pull up some fence posts, boring? Nah.. It’s making my world turn quicker and my world turning quicker can only mean my dream, my aim, my goal will happen sooner..

Sorry for the slightly boring blog… But it should get more exciting from here on in…

Over and out…

P xx