Knowing the rules , making mistakes , playing the game and being honest….

So people.. I’m back!!
Admittedly it’s a while since my last blog and so much has happened… Most I will bore you with , some I won’t!!

Anyways – Since I last wrote a blog the not so flying cow has done a CIC 1* at Somerford , which started in a very eventful way to say the least!! I drove myself up in my car , something I offen do at 3 days.. Means if I get some free time I can do some shopping etc.
Her poor owner got totally lost on the way up and arrived 30mins after her dressage time , under FEI rules the ground jury were within the rights to not let us start but after I explained what was going on they very kindly put us at the end of the section. Thank god..

On to when the real drama began!!

Having finished an ok ish test on the cow I saluted , left the arena as I’ve done a million times before.. Only this time wasn’t like all the other times before! I was met outside the arena by the head of the ground jury who informed me she believed the cow wasn’t allowed to wear the neck strap she had on and therefore we would be eliminated..
Now not for one second did I question this.. Truth be known the owner helped me tack the cow up and it simple didn’t accrue to either of us that the neck strap would be against FEI rules , so we took it on the chin.. After all it was our fault , we should know the rules.. Even rules we may believe to be pointless ones.. Rules are rules after all..

So when I got a phone call the next morning from a FEI steward saying he wanted to see me I was simply expecting to get a telling off for breaking such a stupid rule.. So off I went to met him.. Now when I got there he explained that having looked at the rules he and the ground jury felt the rule was very unclear and they were kindly going to let me and the cow run..
I had put on social networking sites what a balls up ‘I’ had made , now what happened next really did surprise me… People (kindly) jumped to my defence.. But some were having a pop at the FEI and it’s stupid rules , now whilst I may agree a rule not allowing a neck strap seems pointless and silly to me it still makes no odds.. It’s a rule and I should have known it. It’s a mistake I won’t make again..

But moving on!! The cow jumped fantastically in the SJ for a amazing clear and was great if green in places on the XC , I just kept hold of her head and helped her round the first half.. Her problem is she’s to game , to up for it.. She doesn’t yet have the experience or scope to go with her brain or willingness! She just throws herself at fences because she’s so keen to do the right thing , that’s where my job to look after her comes in.. No seeing big wild ones , just letting her pop away.. Take her time , breath and take in what she’s doing..
If I’m honest when I was younger I had this beautiful young horse that looking back I probably ruined by rushing him up the grades when he was willing but mentally not ready.. I’ve never really forgiven myself for it.. But if you live you make mistakes and hopefully you learn from them.. I learnt from him and I now pride myself on the fact I like to think I’m a great nanny of young horses… Its not all about today , there is and always will be a bigger picture with young horses and I try to ride with feel and my head…
By the second half of the course she was really on it and I was amazed the feel she gave me considering only 5 runs ago she was rolling around on the floor in Norfolk at her first attempt at a Novice!! She is a amazing tough minded little person..

Now on to the one and only Jimmy Shoo…..
So having been on great form the ‘other’ Jimmy reared it’s ugly head at Wellington advanced.. Having jumped a super clear in the SJ , I set out on the XC ready to have a proper hunt round to try and nick a placing as he’s an amazingly quick horse.. It was all going so so well until he decided he didn’t want to play!! He was flying along when I felt him start trying to pull himself up , now I didn’t just go to my whip.. I tried to out think him , I gave him a pat and kept out the saddle.. A horse like him is waiting for the slap – the pressure to be applied.. He’s smart he wants you to pick a fight so he can say ‘thank you very much’
It’s like people , if you don’t rise to the bait of a row there can be no row can there?

Well in this case I failed miserably!!
I got him over 2/3 more fences by being nice to him then he decided enough was enough , but I still didn’t go to my stick – you see I could feel how tense he was against me.
He was waiting for it , ready for it..
So I kidded him waited till I felt him relax , think yep job done… At this point we were pretty much in a trot and on the flat without a fence in sight..
That’s when I gave him 3 slaps with my stick , he genuinely felt shocked and shot off.. Great I thought , got him… WRONG!! He soon pulled himself up again.. So I put my hand up , smiled to myself and walked home knowing id done all I could..
I am happy to get tough with horses as they do believe they need to respect and know who’s the boss but there’s a line I don’t and won’t cross.. On his day Jim is outstanding.. Wellington wasn’t his day..
After a long talk with his fantastic owner she has agreed to let me team chase and hunt him hard all winter..
If a winters hunting with me doesn’t sort his mind set out nothing will!!

Colin is on fantastic form and starts team chasing next week , having a horse like him during the winter keeps me sane.. Anyone that has seen us out hunting will know how he is worth his weight in gold for looking after and keeping me safe..

Now a few thing have happened the last week/10 days that got me thinking..

I met someone who asked me about my strong belief in fate – I replied with that I believed everything happens for a reason…
They replied with ‘like – what’s ment for you won’t pass you by’
Yes I said.. But it wasn’t until later when I really thought about it that whilst I believe that something that’s ment for you won’t pass you by , when it finds you it’s up to you to keep it… Fate will bring what’s ment for you to you but it can’t keep it with you.. That’s where fates job stops and your job starts..

Also randomly said to me today
You know where you go wrong Phoebe? You sometimes do and say what you think normal people would or should do/say…

The said person was so so right , very recently I found out a close friend had let me down.. What did I do? I got a bit angry with them , said a few things I didn’t mean or want to say..
When what I really wanted to do was smile to myself and move along with no dramas..

But I guess by doing that I was worried the said friend would think I don’t care and will some how be hurt..
I’m now annoyed I handled something in a totally wrong way for me.. Again another mistake I will learn from and won’t make again..

From now on I will treat people like I treat my horses..

If you dont want to work with me I will put my hand up , smile and walk home as there is always another day , a bigger picture and someone or something willing to work with you not against you..

Remember this – People in your life need to add to you and continue to add to you.. Why would you want or allow anyone in your life that did anything less? The moment they try and take even the smallest piece away from you run..
Because anyone that wants to be with you or in your life should want to be with the very best version of you quirks and all…
Not the version of you that is a lesser version of anything other than the very best version you can be.. Quirks , problems and all…

Over and out all….
Till next time…
Be safe , lucky and do something that makes your heart skip a beat each day…
P xx